About Us

Industrial / Organizational Psychology Program

Welcome to the Florida International University Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology program. This site contains information about our program and the people who make it a great place to be.

The I/O Psychology Program is one of the cornerstones of the Psychology Department's efforts to achieve national and international recognition in psychology. The I/O Psychology program focuses on issues such as the psychology of Human Resource Management, Group Behavior, Cultural Diversity in Organizations, Employee Health and Well-being, and Training and Development. The program emphasizes a commitment both to research and application as a part of individual specialty area development.

Students master a series of core courses designed to provide a thorough grounding in theory, methodology, and content in applied and basic research in psychology. These courses are taught by faculty who are involved in research and practice in the relevant areas. In addition, seminars reflecting the specialized foci of our program and faculty are offered. There are opportunities for practice and occasional internships with businesses for students to gain firsthand experience in the application of psychological knowledge to real challenges of organizations.