Graduate Funding

The Department of Psychology at Florida International University currently provides a number of graduate students in our program with scholarships, graduate student instructorships, or research assistantships worth $18,000 or more per year. This support allows out-of-state students to qualify for in-state tuition. Additional opportunities are also available to receive summer funding, research conference support, and other agency grants. Funding decisions are based on graduate student applications received by the noted deadline. For further information about department based funding, please contact the appropriate Program Area Coordinator or Department Chair. Other opportunities for funding are available through in both the Florida International University community at large and external organization/ foundations. Some are linked below.

The American Psychological Association provides numerous awards and sources of funding for graduate students. Funding opportunities include tuition reimbursement, travel awards, dissertation/ thesis research support, and fellowships for specific populations or areas of interest. Through this link, students will be able to access information about these and other related opportunities.

The American Psychological Science provides numerous funding opportunities for students. These include research and grant awards and competitions as well as travel assistance to conferences. The APS’s RiSE-UP (Research on Socially and Economically Underrepresented Populations) is a committee that works to enhance awareness of the need for research by and/or about underrepresented populations and offers funding opportunities in six specific areas.

FundSource is a tool designed to help behavioral and social scientists find research funding. It has been designed to be specific to behavioral and social science research, freely available with no subscription costs, and responsive to your needs and feedback. The FundSource database includes short descriptions; contact information; and web links to programs in federal agencies, foundations, and international organizations that fund behavioral and social science research.

The Presidential Enhanced Graduate Assistantship Award is awarded to students based on GRE scores, GPA, and recommendations from the Chairperson and Dean. The award boosts the student's annual stipend by $5,000 and is for four years. Those admitted students who are selected for the Presidential Award are contacted by the University Graduate School.

FIU's MBRS Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) Program is to enhance the research environment at minority-serving institutions and increase the interest, skills, and competitiveness of students and faculty in pursuit of biomedical research careers. The Program covers 9 credits/semester of tuition and $15/hr for 20/hrs a week. Full-time students seeking degrees in science or engineering, with a GPA of 3.0 or better are invited to apply to the program. U.S. citizen or resident alien applicants should complete the application and submit a copy of their complete transcript, along with three letters of recommendation.

The State of Florida Board of Regents (BOR) has established a grant to assist minority students with their graduate education in areas where they have been traditionally underrepresented. Eligibility requirements include: a) admission to FIU Graduate School for the first time in the summer or spring semesters of the award year, b) enrollment for a minimum of six credit hours, c) minority students (American Indian/Alaskan Native, Pacific Islander, Black and Hispanic) who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. The award is on a one-time basis and is for $1,300. The application can be obtained in the University Graduate School. The deadline is February 15th (Spring admission) or April 1st (Summer admission).

The Florida Education Fund (FEF) in Tampa, Florida provides fellowships for African American citizens to pursue Ph.D. degrees in the state of Florida. Applicants must be African American, U.S. citizens ready to start their Ph.D. degree. The fellowship will be awarded only to persons who intend to seek the Ph.D. degree. The award is up to $5000 per year plus an annual stipend on $12,000. The application can be obtained in the University Graduate School, by calling the Florida Education Fund at (813) 272-2722 or by visiting The application deadline is January 15th of every year.

The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, in conjunction with the Florida Board of Regents (BOR), offers a number of fellowships to minority graduate students. This award is restricted to minority students who are permanent residents of the United States and have been admitted into select graduate disciplines and professional program where minority graduate students are disproportionately underrepresented. The award is up to $5,000 per year. All interested students should contact Ms. Bennie Osborne (305) 348-2785 or by dropping by the Florida International University, Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, PC 511, Miami, Fl 33199.

The Financial Aid Office pays up to $1,000 per semester (Graduate Need-Based Grant) to students who have financial need. Students must complete a financial aid form which can be obtained in Florida International University, Financial Aid Office, PC 125, Miami, Fl 33199 or online at Monies will be awarded on a first-come, first serve basis. International students are not eligible for these awards Students must be enrolled on a full-time basis

The Dean's Office in the College of Arts and Sciences offers a limited amount of scholarship funds. Criteria for awarding these funds, as well as the amount of the award, vary from one academic unit to the other. Full time enrollment is a requirement. Please contact the Department of Psychology Chair for more information.

The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans provides opportunities for continuing generations of able and accomplished New Americans to achieve leadership in their chosen fields. The Program is established in recognition of the contributions New Americans have made to American life and in gratitude for the opportunities the United States has afforded the donors and their family. Applicants must be (1) is a resident alien; i.e., holds a Green Card or, (2) has been naturalized as a U.S. citizen or (3) is the child of two parents who are both naturalized citizens. The award is intended for students who are in their first or second years of graduate study and is for a maintenance grant of $20,000 plus 1/2 of tuition. The completed application must be postmarked by November 30.

The College of Arts and Sciences supports graduate student travel to professional meetings on a match basis. Up to $200 is awarded on an annual basis per student for travel. Applications for the Graduate Student Travel Subsidy (pdf below) must be submitted at least 4 week prior to travel date and must be accompanied by a memo from the Graduate Program Director or Department Chair, unofficial transcript, program from conference, and a Travel Authorization Request (TAR). Please see the Graduate Program Secretary for the accompanying memo. Download the TAR.