Valentina Bruk-Lee

Valentina Bruk-Lee

Office: DM 383B
Phone: (305) 348-2868


  • Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
  • M.A. , Industrial/Organizational Psychology University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
  • B.S., Public Relations and Psychology University of Miami, Miami, FL

Research Interests

Dr. Bruk-Lee’s research is primarily focused on the topics of interpersonal conflict in organizations, employee satisfaction, occupational health and well-being, employee selection. She is also interested in counter-productivity in organizations and the role of personality in the job stress process. Dr. Bruk-Lee has consulted with both private and public sector organizations in the areas of employee selection, job analysis, performance measurement, and competency modeling. She has also led the development and localization of assessments used in global selection programs.

Dr. Bruk-Lee has served on the state level committee for the APA’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award and on SIOP’s Professional Practice Committee on Occupational Health, Safety, and Well-Being.

Select Publications

Manapragada, A.^, & Bruk-Lee, V. (in press). Staying Silent About Safety Issues: Conceptualizing and measuring safety silence motives. Accident Analysis and Prevention.

Bruk-Lee, V., Lanz, J.^, Drew, E.N.^, Coughlin, C., Levine, P., Tuzinski, K., & Wrenn, K. 2016). Examining Applicant Reactions to Different Media Types in Character-Based Simulations for Employee Selection. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 24, 77-91.

Bruk-Lee, V., Albert, D. & Stone, K.L (2016). Lactation and the working woman: Understanding the role of organizational factors, lactations support, and legal policy in promoting breastfeeding success. In C. Spitzmueller & R.A. Matthews (eds.). Work and the Transition to Motherhood: Research Perspectives. New York: Springer.

Sanderson, K.^, Bruk-Lee, V., Viswesvaran, C., Gutierrez, S., & Kantrowitz, T. (2016). Investigating the Nomological Network of Multitasking Ability in a Field Sample. Personality and Individual Differences, 91, 52-57.

Bloom, R., Freeman, L., Bruk-Lee, V., Hayward, Jerilyn, Roland, D. (2016). Workplace health and well-being: Advancing SIOP’s Roles and Practitioner Opportunities. The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, 53, 33-38.

Nixon, A.E., Lanz, J.^, Manapragada, A.^, Bruk-Lee, V., Schantz, A.^, & Rodriguez, J.^ (2015). Nurse safety: How is safety climate related to affect and attitude? Work & Stress, 29, 401-419.

Mesmer-Magnus, J., Viswesvaran, C., Bruk-Lee, V., Sanderson, K., & Sinha, N. (2014). Personality correlates of preference for multitasking in the workplace. Journal of Organizational Psychology,14, 67-76.

Bruk-Lee, V., Nixon, A.E., & Spector, P.E. (2013). Social stressors at work and employee well-being: Does the type of conflict matter? Work & Stress, 27, 339-350. doi: 10.1080/02678373.2013.841303.

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Bruk-Lee, V., Khoury, H., Nixon, A., Goh, A., & Spector, P.E. (2009). Replicating and extending past personality/job satisfaction meta-analyses. Human Performance, 22, 156-189.

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"^" Indicates student co-author

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