The I/O Program at Florida International University has been a leader in providing graduate education in applied psychological science and evaluation, and in preparing students to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse and global community. Many of our more alumni with graduate degrees hold major positions in business, consulting, government, health care, public health, community settings, research institutes and think tanks, and at colleges and major universities across the globe. Below are a select number of our recent graduates from our Ph.D, MS Thesis and MS non- Thesis tracks.


  • Craig Haas, Ph.D., 2004 : Individual Differences Influencing Context Effects in Responding to Items Assessing Conscientiousness in a Personality Test
  • Nila Sinha, Ph.D., 2003 : Self-other rating discrepancy and personality antecedents

MS Thesis

  • Tina Burns, MS, 2003 : Development of the Sphere Overlap Scale (SOS) : Compartmentalization and the spillover hypothesis
  • Julio Fernandez de Cueto, MS, 2003 : The incremental validity of context-specific versus broad characteristics in international assignments
  • David Van Rooy, MS, 2003 : The effects of commute characteristics and cell phone use on affect and evaluative judgments: A field experiment

MS Non-Thesis

  • Kim Albano, MS, 2004
  • Kris Fritsche, MS, 2004
  • Maritza Leon, MS, 2004

Other Alumni

Adrian Molina
Alejandra Matamala
Alex Pop
Andrea Tirado
Andrew Smith
Angela Reaves
Anya Edun
Archana Manapragada
Ashley Harris
Chris Sullivan
Christian Melendez
Christina Cotto
Diana Daddario
Ella Lombardic
Ena Sawhney
Erica Drew
Gabriela Escalona
Jason Steinert
Jeannine Haynes
Jem Delos Santos
John Wittgenstein
Josh Allen
Joshua Neidish
Juan Carlos Galan
Julia Mohler
Julie Lanz
Kris Duniewicz
Krystal Kirouac
Michael Harari
Nathalie Yerak
Nazneen Khatib
Perry Wells
Rachael Hemsing
Recia Gomez
Tyler Stout
Tayler Novick